Why use a High Speed Grill?

There are several benefits to owning our High Speed Panini Grills that may appeal to you.

By investing in The Style Mini Grill you can make tremendous improvements to your business.

1. Increasing Output and Profitability

High Speed Panini Grills allow your business to serve more customers in a given timeframe.

2. Reduced Business Overheads

Using the Style Mini Grill can give you huge energy savings over competitive equipment, with cheaper running costs and saving staff time.

3. Complete Solution Package

Our Toastyfresh frozen ready made paninis enables all types of outlets to provide consistent high quality food products to their customers'.

4. Improving Your Operation

The Style Mini Grills can be automatically operated customer facing to help reduce queue waiting times and allow your staff to serve their customers quicker.

5. Expanding Your Menu & Quality of Finished Products

Our Style Mini Grill enables you to expand your menu and offer new food products to improve food taste and quality.

Achieving consistent high quality toasted products which is often a challenge for other catering equipment.  Giving all our customers a delicious, finished toasted product has proven to increase our clients repeat sales by over 20%.

6. Recycling and Environmental Benefits

All our high speed grills are fully recyclable, eliminate food waste, substantially reduce carbon footprints and maintain outlets energy efficiency.

Why Induction?

Induction technology is recognised as the best technology in the marketplace. Induction's an extremely fast way of heating, maintaining users’ energy efficiency and gives you excellent heating control.

Scientific research shows that 98% of the energy consumed by our Style Mini Grill is directly heating the toasting plates.

The toasting plates being the only heat source allows everything else to remain cool. There are no hot surfaces that an operator could burn themselves on because the toasting plates are parked inside the Style Mini Grill.

Induction cooking enables you to accurately control the heat generated to obtain high quality toasted results and ensuring no food is burnt.

We estimate from competitor published figures, that our Induction Panini Grill owners' save up to £550 per annum in energy savings in comparison to using other competitive equipment.


  • Protecting the environment - Fast Heating and Energy Efficiency with you in control.
  • Stop Staff Burns - Safer for the operator
  • No Extraction or Air Conditioning - everything stays cool.
  • More Comfortable Working Environment
  • Eliminates Food Waste
  • The 1000th Panini will look and taste as delicious as your first.

Why Toastyfresh® Frozen Food Products?


When purchasing our Frozen Ready Made food products, we successfully remove the 30% to 45% of preparation food wastage that you would incur when making your own food products.


Saving Money on hidden overheads including Staff Costs, Cleaning Materials, Food Waste and Storage Space required.  By the time your Chef has unpacked the bread, prepared the ingredients together, filled and presented the finished product.  Each Panini takes around three to four minutes of your chefs time to make.  A lot of time cleaning at production point to avoid cross contamination, using expensive sanitising spray and allocating staff breaks.


Saving your administration costs on tracking produce in house, tracking pricing for every ingredient, whilst keeping an eye on the Use and Sell By dates.


As in house production must be checked and verified, taking supply of our Toastyfresh Frozen Ready Made food products can upgrade your EHO’s verdict from a 4 to become a 5 Score on the door in a kitchen environment.


Part of our business is to keep up to date on the Labelling Laws - If products are found not labelled correctly you can be fined for every product item found with the wrong detailed label on.  Our staff ensure they are kept at the forefront of the constant changes taking place and every label meets the food requirements set.


We save your Purchasing Managers time in reviewing all the prices, placing the orders and managing the incoming deliveries to allow them to more productively reduce other costs and overheads associated with your business.


We have the ability to provide you with Bespoke Food Products where quantity is high enough to meet demand.  All our ingredients are made to give you the best taste and appearance.  We are happy to help you produce new fillings and at the minimum of cost to you!


Our Toastyfresh Half Pallet fits perfectly into a 1300 Litre Double Door Freezer.  Freeing up your storage space that would otherwise be used for storing bread, ingredients, cleaning materials etc.  Smaller quantities can also be ordered from our Toastyfresh UK online ordering system.