Toastyfresh® Self Service Grill

With all the news on how businesses within the Catering Industry are struggling to obtain skilled staff. It leaves the Catering Industry moving towards market trends in Self Service equipment.

With that in mind, we have launched our new innovative Toastyfresh® Self Service Grill designed to tackle the issue of staff not being available, moving into out of hours catering and exploring profitable opportunities in 24/7 catering operations. Our Toastyfresh® Self Service Toaster can be used in either an unsupervised environment or within a designated cafe area for staff to oversee and help the public in operating the equipment. Members of the public and your customers can easily serve themselves a high quality grilled Panini or Toasted Sandwich using our Toastyfresh® Self Service Toaster. There are huge labour savings, energy savings and environmental advantages, providing immediate service to customers and reducing queue times with our Toastyfresh® Self Service Grill.

Toastyfresh® Vending Machines

We are supplying vending machines nationwide and helping teach outlets to run their own vending.

Allowing you to enhance profit margins, by serving chilled food products with a choice to provide hot meals out of hours in a variety of places. With full training provided, we can teach you to manage, clean and restock our vending machines so you can efficiently run the operation.  Both cash and credit card systems can be fitted into our Vending Machines for ease of payments being made. Most places can then combine this alongside their cafe operations, making the transition of stock management even easier. We have full support in place nationwide to make this a wonderful opportunity for sites to take control on their vending offering and make more money.

Toastyfresh® Self Service Grill - 24/7 Service

The Toastyfresh Self Service Grill is ground breaking as the first Self Service Toaster for the public to operate and produce a genuinely grilled high quality food product.

Toastyfresh Self Service 24/7 operation allows your customers to cook themselves a toasted sandwich or panini quickly without the need for staff members to overlook the equipment. Our Toastyfresh food products can be sold either from a vending machine (24/7 operation) or from a staff member serving in the cafe.  The customer can then use our Toastyfresh Self Service Toaster to perfectly grill the food product in its bag, ideally suited for takeaway foodservice. This gives the public and customers a much healthier and higher quality toasted food product than something cooked in a microwave.  Once cafes are shut, anyone can operate our Toastyfresh self service machines out of hours, extending the growth of you catering profits because you are giving access to a deliciously hot toasted food product or meal combined with the vending machines drinks and snacks. This is an ideal opportunity for Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Theme Parks, Petrol Stations, Motorway Service Stations, Airports, Trains, Ferries and Convenience Stores.