Toastyfresh® - Freshly Toasted For You.

The new innovation in supplying a range of branded freshly made food products.

Toastyfresh is offering an exciting range of frozen pre-filled food products and making ready made paninis available to outlets across the UK. Toastyfresh, panini suppliers UK are offering a selection of products including Gluten Free Paninis, Frozen Paninis, Fresh Ready Made Paninis and Sandwiches to their customers. Competitively priced, we have a comprehensive range of 18 tasty fillings which can be used in a contact grill or our Fast Panini Grills. Our innovative Fast Panini Grills allow you to serve our Toastyfresh foods quickly whilst maximising your profits. The end customers enjoy our consistently delicious, crispy finished toasted products.

  • Easy Grab and Go - Food to Go and takeaway service so you don't have to wait.
  • Innovative Grill in Bag opportunity to serve Gluten Free Paninis and Toasted Foods.
  • Reducing Food Wastage and producing Delicious High Quality foods with Toastyfresh range of Frozen ready made paninis and food products.
  • Saving you Money with supply of Frozen Paninis products

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Toastyfresh® Frozen Pizzas

Take a slice of the action, Toastyfresh® is now supplying a fantastic range of Frozen Pizzas.

Our frozen pizzas are a great option for cafes wanting to serve hot pizzas without getting involved with food prep.  Outlets that don't necessarily have storage space or the time available, can order our Frozen Pizzas to be cooked quickly in their outlets. Toastyfresh Frozen Pizzas come in both 9" or 12" sizes with the most popular flavours. We are keeping it simple for our clients' to cook pizzas.  You have options to serve them as whole pizzas, half pizzas or even cut the pizzas into individual slices.  This allows you to sell different portion sizes to suit your end customers' requirement. We found that our Toastyfresh food products are allowing sites to make the most of their peak demand and add highly profitable, easy to serve food to their menus.

Toastyfresh® Grill in Bag & Gluten Free

With the ability of Toastyfresh Grill in the Bag, takeaway outlets can now offer faster service to their customers.

Providing benefits of no cross contamination, easier cleaning, overcoming hygiene issues and ideal for single person operations. Our Toastyfresh "Grill in the Bag" Technology gives a consistent high quality result when cooked in our Fast Panini Grills.  This is only achievable by using our range of Induction Panini Grills. The Style Mini Grills are especially fast at grilling the food products in the bag resulting in a consistent high quality finished food product.  As the heat dispenses, its easily handle-able for faster takeaway service, ideal when your customers are in a rush. The next stage on from this is providing Gluten Free food products which eliminates food waste, with No Cross Contamination by being cooked in our Toastyfresh Packaging.  We have a safe, simple way of cooking Gluten Free foods, making it especially easy for outlets to manage their peaks and troughs in demand.