Toastyfresh® Frozen Pre-Filled Food Products

Toastyfresh® is the latest innovation in supplying Frozen Ready Made Food Products.

Toastyfresh® are UK suppliers helping businesses to sell delicious high quality toasted food products, eliminating their food waste and saving money.  All Toastyfresh® Frozen Food Products are handmade fresh and instantly frozen for the best tasting quality. Toastyfresh® Frozen Food Products

  • Breakfast Options
  • Toasted Sandwiches
  • Paninis and Ciabattas
  • Premium Products
  • Croque Monsieurs
  • Frozen Pizzas' (Both 9" and 12")

Toastyfresh® Frozen Ready Made Paninis

With a superior selection of enticing food products and an array of ordering options. Why not start selling Paninis today?

Increasing your food sales couldn't get easier as our new range of point of sale items are available to help raise awareness among your customers. Not only that, the appetising flavours keep your customers' coming back for more with most outlets seeing an increase in repeat customer sales of 10-20%.

  • Eliminates Food Prep and Food Waste
  • Saves You Money on Staff Labour and Purchasing Time
  • Increases Your Available Storage Space
  • Reduced Cleaning with Toastyfresh® "Grill in the Bag" technology

We invite you to get involved in this profitable opportunity, ORDER TODAY and see how we can help your business obtain higher food sales.