Chest Freezers

Supplying robust, commercial large capacity chest freezers.

Finished with a white laminate exterior and stainless steel lid for increased protection.

Fully equipped with: -

  • Manoeuvrability provided by four one way rolling castors.
  • Integrated locks for maximum security.
  • Storage for 331 to 504 litres of Frozen Food Products
  • Control panel with quick freeze switches for operational efficiency.

Our high quality chest freezers are ideally suited for storing smaller quantities of Toastyfresh frozen food products. Anything between 4 up to 13 cases can be ordered and stored comfortably in these Chest Freezers.

They are a brilliant product, for outlets wanting a quick setup and fast delivery for selling paninis, pizzas and other toasted products.

Cabinet Freezers

Our sleek and robust Cabinet Freezers have some of the best advantages available.

Fitted with automatic defrosting, extra insulation, more efficient air flow circulation to maximise efficient freezing operation even when fully loaded.

By far the best investment you can make into freezer storage.  Taking up less space than chest freezers, storing more frozen food products, easily manoeuvrable and low operational costs.

Anything up to a half pallet of Toastyfresh food products can be stored in these double door freezers. With flexibility to add in additional shelves to help keep more stock organised and makes internal cleaning easier.

As part of what we do, we aim to provide competitive prices on Freezers alongside our Toastyfresh Frozen Food Supply.

Freezer Cold Rooms

With our Freezer Cold Rooms, there are three main points to consider, firstly is your budget, secondly the amount of space you have available and thirdly taking steps to reduce your energy and operational costs.

We can provide solutions for all three scenarios.  With competitive fixed prices and a variety of sizes we are sure to have a solution for your needs.

Most cold rooms will store a mixed full pallet of Toastyfresh Food Products and are ideal for storing a range of food products.  All equipped with shelving and setup with Remote or Integral refrigeration systems.  We can even provide a Bespoke Cold Room to utilise all available site space.

We have several environmentally friendly features as well, using low energy lighting, condensing units, low energy evaporators and 98% recyclable materials.