The Style Mini Grill - British made, Induction Panini Grill

Don't miss The Style Mini Grill - our latest high speed induction grill producing higher outputs than other competitive equipment.

Achieve significant energy savings, improve staff efficiency, lower running costs, substantially increase your profits and reduce your business overheads.

Start Enjoying Key Benefits of

  • Faster Service - Faster toasting enables you to reduce customer queues, increase food sales and your profits.
  • Significant Energy Savings - Our energy efficient Induction Panini Grills offer huge savings over other competitive equipment.
  • Eliminate Food Waste - Optional and popular, Toastyfresh Frozen Pre-filled food products are eliminating food waste, getting rid of food prep, consequently saving you time. Consistently toasting high quality food products today.
  • Operate Customer Facing - By placing our high speed, fast panini grills on the Front of House Counter, you can instantly cut your customers' waiting times.

The Style Mini Grill is a must have for any catering establishment that aims to achieve greater profits from smaller spaces with higher throughputs.


L 560mm x W 220mm x H 355mm

Weight 12.9Kg

Power 240V 3 pin Plug (1 Plug)

Induction Panini Grills

Our new range of Fast Panini Grills are offering outlets the highest output for producing toasted products quickly and consistently.

British made, the Style Mini Grills are an exceptional product representing a major cost effective solution for caterers involved in selling toasted sandwiches, Paninis, Ciabattas, Bagels and other hot filled bread products.

  • Award Winning Sustainability Winners of the Footprint Awards 2018, our high speed, Induction Panini Grills are remarkable, providing owners with huge environmental benefits and significant energy savings.
  • Faster Toasting with our high speed grill is essential to obtaining higher throughput of toasted products and increased profits.
  • Eliminating Food Waste - Toastyfresh® was Shortlisted Finalist in the Waste2Zero Awards in our efforts to eliminate waste. Competitively priced, we have a huge range of 24 Toastyfresh® frozen pre-filled food products.
  • Operate Customer Facing - improve staff efficiency and reduce customer waiting times by placing our high speed grills on the Front of House counter.

Additional Options ...

1. Choice of Colours

The Style Mini Grill has a choice of colours (Red, Green and Blue).  You can have different colours to match your cafes decor on request.

2. Branded Logo Platens

Impress your customers ~ brand your company name/logo into the finished toasted products, helping increase food sales in competitive environments.

3. Front of House Operations

Our Slimline Induction Panini Grills are ideally suited for the Front Servery Counter. Reducing customer waiting times.

4. Optional Toastyfresh® Frozen Pre-Filled Food Products

  • Reduces Your Businesses Overheads
  • Significant Staff Labour Time Savings
  • Successfully Eliminating Food Waste
  • Consistent High Quality Food Products

5. Our Toasty Products - Sustainable Recycling Service© 2018

Environmentally Friendly, all our British made high speed Induction Panini Grills are fully recyclable and highly energy efficient.  When you own our products, you are helping make a positive impact on the environment.