Donut Machines

Stand out from the competition and Make More Money! Our freshly sugared donuts are unbelievably profitable and stay fresh for over 6 hours.

All our donut fryers and commercial doughnut machines come with staff training to provide a profitable solution for caterers wanting to serve our delicious freshly sugared donuts.

With a trained operator and little counter space our UK manufactured Donut Machines can be easily operated. Caterers can enjoy fantastic profit margins and expect a fast payback time on all of our Donut Machines and Donut Fryers.

Selling Fantastic Finished Donuts gives you that extra edge to make the donuts stand out and taste delicious. Get started using our donut machines and bain-maries today, with the toppings to make your donuts more profitable.

  • Freshly Sugared Donuts are an attractive product and remain fresh for up to 6 hours making donuts a great takeaway product
  • Highly Profitable and popular with the public - our Freshly Sugared Donuts are loved by people of all ages and are quick to serve.
  • Our donut mix meets a variety of dietary requirements.  Helping you serve Delicious Donuts for your Customers.
  • Increase your profits with one of our Donut Machines today.

Ice Cream Machines


  • Single Flavour or Twin Twist
  • Counter Top or Floor Standing Machines
  • Gravity Feed or Air Pump Operation

Single Flavour counter top machines are a great starting point for serving ice cream through summer.  Our Twin Twist machines give higher outputs because a second tank is available.  The twin tank machine gives you the opportunity to produce a twin twisted flavour ice cream cone increasing sales.

Depending on your space requirements, counter top and floor standing machines with moveable castors can be supplied.

Deciding between gravity feed and air pump operation can be a challenge. The Air Pump versions add air into the mix and aim to produce a smoother Ice Cream, however this requires some operator experience.  With our gravity feed machines - your staff will find them easier to clean and operate.

Frozen Yoghurt is increasingly popular as a Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream, being Fat Free, High in Calcium and an ideal dessert option.

A wide range of consumables are available including point of sale materials.

  • Highly Profitable way of serving Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt throughout the year.
  • Attractive Quality Product when served up with Fresh Fruits.

Commercial Slush Machines

A new range of Commercial Slush Machines are now available to help your business make more profits. Ask about our very profitable range of healthier Slush Syrup drinks today!

We offer a huge selection of slush flavours including alcoholic slush that is being served in nightclubs and pubs today.

For those of you starting out we offer very reliable small Twin Tank Commercial Slush Machines. When you slush sales grow with our popular slush syrups, we have heavier duty Three Tank Commercial Slush Machines ideal for those outlets with higher demand in peak times.

By adding a variety of new healthier slush syrup flavours to our range, we have managed to increase your sales.  Our new slush syrup flavours are proving increasingly popular with children of all ages.

  • Healthy Slush Syrup - Children can enjoy delicious healthier Slush Drinks
  • Full supply of Slush Consumables helping your business increase its profits
  • Commercial Slush Machines that are easy for staff to operate

When you get involved with our Commercial Slush Machines we supply a free starter package of Slush Consumables to make it easy for you to get started and achieve the return on your investment.

Alongside our Commercial Slush Machines we provide the following Slush Consumables.  Slush Cups, Straws, Slush Syrups and a wide range of healthy slush syrup flavours.