Traditional Catering Carts

We have a variety of Wooden Catering Carts designed for different applications.

These are traditionally designed to give them a great appearance and can be adapted to meet your requirements.

Our traditional catering carts are an ideal investment for expanding existing retail and catering space.  If you have an idea for an application in mind, contact us for a quote today.

  • Opportunity to make more money from additional catering and retail spaces.
  • Complete Professional Catering Carts built to your businesses requirements.
  • Simple staff operation and designed for indoor use.

Modern & Stainless Steel Catering Carts

Our Sleek Modern and Stainless Steel catering carts are manufactured for heavy duty use and built around your needs.

Giving you a sleek modern contemporary look,  ideally placed indoors or outdoors and fully fitted to your requirements.

Strong Stainless Steel Catering Carts are fantastic to give you additional strength - especially on our range of Ice Cream Carts.

With our alternate range of sleek Modern Catering Carts, you can add shutters to improve security and get peace of mind.

Made specifically for your requirements, we provide the complete solution so you can relax and focus on making the profits.  Contact us today for a quote.

All our Catering Carts are delivered to you fully equipped and ready to operate from day one, including your choice of company branding and colours.

Catering Kiosks

Our Catering Kiosks are easy to move into position. They are strong and ready to operate as independant units and most just require an electrical service connection to begin operation.

We are able to supply individual colour choice, signage and custom moulding options such as menu boards and merchandising display windows.

Especially designed for outdoor use and withstanding adverse weather conditions.  By fitting hidden plumbing and using stronger side walls enhances the strength of our Catering Kiosks.

  • Ideal for starting or expanding on a very profitable catering business.
  • Full Kiosks designed and made to your specific businesses requirements.
  • Designed for easy staff operation and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors.