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  • Fast Panini Grills

    Fast Panini Grills

    Our Fast Panini Grills are completely automatic and require minimum staff supervision. UK designed and manufactured, our range of high speed panini grills toast a variety of bread products FAST.

    "We consider the high speed Style Mini Grill invaluable. The speed with which we can produce beautifully toasted food has seen a huge increase in sales." What our customers say!
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  • Toastyfresh Paninis

    Toastyfresh Paninis

    Toastyfresh is the latest innovative brand of Panini suppliers, making ready-made paninis and toasted products available to all outlets across the UK.

    We have a comprehensive range of delicious fillings to excite your taste buds.

    "The Toasty Products team have been very supportive and always available for advice and additional training", "Bringing consistent high quality food products to our Toasted Panini operation" What our customers say!
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  • Slush & Cocktail Machines

    Slush & Cocktail Machines

    Slush is immensely popular with children of all ages, with a range of delicious flavours. Both the slush and cocktails can be either alcoholic or non alcoholic.

  • Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt

    Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt

    Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt are highly popular all year round. Our Frozen Yoghurt is very healthy and easy for caterers to serve.

  • Milkshake Machines

    Milkshake Machines

    Healthy and high in calcium, we supply the consumables with our machines to produce the highest quality thick milkshakes for your customers to enjoy.

    "The Toasty team has been totally supportive and always available for advice and additional training. I would recommend Toasty to anyone other than our immediate competitors!" Carwyn Matera-Rogers, Carmarthenshire Theatres
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  • Donuts & Donut Machines

    Donuts & Donut Machines

    The smell of our fresh donuts is difficult to resist. Our donuts remain fresh for up to 6 hours once cooked and are very popular with the public.

    "The doughnut machine offered a return on investment in a matter of weeks, quality product, enhanced perception of our offerings and the smell it sends through the kiosks in fantastic!" Compass Group
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  • Coffee Machines

    Coffee Machines

    Quality coffee machines for every outlet including LPG gas coffee machines.

    We are giving caterers a profitable opportunity to serve a fantastic range of quality hot drinks that are very popular with the public.

    "Toasty Products range of Rancilio coffee machines boast reliability and performance, giving us increased profitability with fewer breakdowns, with Rancilio having been consistently ranked among the top five manufacturers in the world."
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  • Potato Ovens & Hot Food

    Potato Ovens & Hot Food

    Our baked potatoes are a healthy alternative for those wanting a light lunch meal. We are helping caterers profit more by serving healthy hot foods to their customers faster.

  • Carts & Kiosks

    Carts & Kiosks

    We are offering a range of complete catering carts and kiosks. Our catering carts are ideal for expanding existing retail and catering space. Complete, fully fitted and branded to your requirements.

  • Cafes


    We offer a complete café design solution, including branding, to help you design and develop your dream café.

Welcome to Toasty Products

Toasty Products supply a range of highly profitable catering solutions. Designed to help businesses diversify their menu and improve their profits.

Toasty Products are experts in high speed grilling of toasted products. We are pleased to offer you our new range of UK designed and manufactured high speed panini grills.

We work with a wide variety of businesses from start-ups through to large corporate companies. Our catering solutions are helping them make additional profit TODAY.

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